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Crowdfunding Questions
What is crowdfunding?!
What is equity crowdfunding?
What is debt Crowdfunding?
Is crowdfunding a regulated activity?
Who are ShareIn?
Who do I transfer funds to?
What are the main risks associated with crowdfunding?
Could I lose more than the amount invested?
Who can invest?
Will people be able to see if I invested?
I am domiciled outside of the UK and EU, can I invest?
When do I pay for the investment?
How am I categorised as a "client" for regulatory purposes?
Can I cancel my investment offer?
What are the fees?
Can I invest via a SIPP, SSAS and IFISA?
What do we do about conflicts of interest?
How do I make a Subject Access Request (SAR)?
How do I make a complaint?
What is your Best Execution Policy?
What Tax is paid on Bond Interest Payments?
Is my investment secured?