Please note that these testimonials are not financial advice, they have been collated over many years and relay clients experiences working with us prior to the launch of this platform. As diligent investors ourselves, we want our clients to be aware of the risks and rewards of all investments. Please note that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results, returns are not guaranteed.

I doubt very much if there’s an investment profile that delivers anything like that provided by Ken Sunter. After 4 years with him, I have the utmost confidence that my money is not only secure, but also that the returns on my projects continue to be exceptional, and always prompt. They continue to be a true blessing in these times of uncertainty.

Malcolm Yates, Conwy, U.K.

I have been investing with Ken since July 2009 - 8 years. Ken has been hugely helpful, and communication excellent. Both profit and, when necessary, return of capital, paid out on the nail every time, so that I have happily reinvested as soon as I was in a position to do so.

Vivien Sale, U.K.

Since 2009 I have invested in more than 20 joint projects with Ken Sunter. In that time all profits have been paid in full on the date specified without issue. Highly recommended.

Grahame, London, U.K.

For the last six years I have invested with Ken Sunter and interest is paid and capital returned on time, every time. It's a pleasure doing business.

Michael Tasker, Edinburgh, U.K.

I have invested in different projects on and off with Ken Sunter since about 2003. He has always done exactly what he proposed and is a pleasure do business with.

Lucy Wilding, London, U.K.

 We (my wife and I ) have invested with Ken, continually for the last  8 years, with returns on our investments paid on time, every time without fail."

Mr & Mrs J.E and B.M.Banner

I have had a continual rolling investment with Ken Sunter for over 6 years.The returns are always paid on time without fail. My investment with Ken Sunter has been truly life changing for me and my family, giving my daughter access to essential brain rehabilitation services that I would otherwise not be able to afford
and she is making great progress as a result.

Steve Smith, London, U.K.

I have invested with Ken since 2008 on an ongoing basis. During that time I must have had at least 70 contracts completing and every single one of those has paid out promptly without any delays. Everything Ken has promised he has delivered. He has kept me informed throughout the process and is meticulous with administration, and he always responds to calls and queries immediately. I have total trust in Ken and I wouldn't invest with anyone else.

Christina Bloomfield